What is Nuvostone

Nuvostone is a brand name of a product known as engineered stone. It also is known as reconstituted stone, quartz stone and manmade stone. Some also call the product Caesarstone, however this is just another brand of engineered stone like Essastone, Smartstone, Hanstone, Silestone and Quantum Quartz.

Engineered stone was developed by an Italian company called Breton. They first developed the machinery to make engineered stone slabs. Engineered stone is made from a blend of approximately 93% crushed quartz and 7% polymer resins. Pigments are added to create different colours and other items such as crushed glass, mirror and shell can also be added to create different effects.

The production process involves the mixing of crushed quartz, resins, and any other additives in a giant ‘mix master’. Once properly blended, the mixture is poured into slab shaped moulds. The marriage between quartz and resin is completed under intense heat and pressure. The finished slab is then polished on one surface to create a high lustre finish. The physical characteristics and attractive appearance of engineered stone has made it the most popular choice for kitchen benchtops in Australia. Engineered stone is also widely used commercially. Many McDonalds and KFC restaurants have engineered stone table tops and service counters. Due to its versatility it has also been used extensively in the newly refurbished Dubai and Sydney airports.

Engineered stone is classified as non-porous and has an exceptionally hard surface with a high level of scratch resistance. Because it is non-porous there is never any need for sealing. In fact Nuvostone benchtops need very little maintainance at all. Just a wipe over with a damp non-abrasive cloth is all that is required to keep it looking like new for years.

In short, Nuvostones beauty, practicality and durability makes choosing your new benchtop surface a very easy decision indeed.


  • Low maintenance
  • Non porous
  • Uniform appearance
  • Never needs sealing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Cost effective