Care & Maintainance


For day to day cleaning you only need to wipe over your Nuvostone benchtop with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and warm soapy water or a non-abrasive PH neutral cleaner. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners such as Gumption and Jif as they can lead to a loss of shine over time. Never use or allow products with bleach to come in contact with the surface. If this occurs, clean up spill immediately and dilute the area with plenty of water. Wipe up and repeat the process until you are satisfied all residues of bleach have been removed.


Engineered stone has a high resistance to moderate heat, however localized excessive heat can cause ‘thermal shock’ which can cause cracking. Never put pots and pans or any other item from your oven, cooktop or microwave oven directly on your Nuvostone benchtop. Always place hot items onto a cutting board that does not transfer heat. Electric frypans and other electrical appliances can also radiate heat from their base. Always protect your Nuvostone benchtop from these types of appliances with a cutting board that does not transfer heat. Cracks and discolouration caused from heat are not covered by our warranty.


Although engineered stone is classified as non-porous and has exceptionally low water absorbtion, any food or liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately. Special care needs to be taken with items containing heavy dyes such as Indian food and foods or products with elevated levels of acids or alkaline such as citrus juices and red wine. Although these are unlikely to stain your benchtop, it is possible if they are given enough time to penetrate the polished surface. Staining of this nature is not covered by our warranty. A simple rule to follow is always clean up spills of any kind straight away.


Although you Nuvostone benchtop is extremely hard wearing, it is possible to scratch the surface with sharp objects. Cutting directly on the surface is not recommended. This can leave very fine marks that will dull the surface over time. Scratches are not covered by our warranty.


Take care not to impact the edges and surface of your Nuvostone benchtop with heavy items such as saucepan bases, jars and appliances. These can cause chipping. Chips to the edges or surface of your benchtop is not indicative of defective material and is not covered by our warranty. Never stand or place heavy items on your benchtop. This can cause cracking which is not covered by our warranty.


Engineered stone is not UV stable and is intended for indoor use only. Direct sunlight can cause discolouration, especially with darker coloured benchtops. Windows whose aspect allow more than an hour of direct sunlight each day to come into contact with your Nuvostone benchtop should have adequate coverings to prevent discolouration of your benchtop over time. Electrical appliances that radiate heat can also discolour your benchtop. Place a barrier or cutting board between any appliances that radiate heat, and your Nuvostone benchtop. Discolouration from exposure to UV and radiated heat is not covered by our warranty.